Our Manufacturing Partners

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ac-sanitary-logo Ace Sanitary 
Ace Sanitary is the manufacturing leader in quality and customer service for the sanitary hose industry. Ace services the Food, Beverage, Dairy, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical & Biotech manufacturing markets with proven solutions to meet their applications. Visit Website
allegheny_bradford Allegheny Bradford Corporation 
The leading manufacturer of heat exchangers and an innovator in ultra-pure processing technology, Allegheny Bradford Corporation is your resource for a full range of stainless steel equipment, from skids, custom tanks and pressure vessels to filter housings including the revolutionary clean-in-place Opti-Clean System. Visit Website
anderson Anderson Instrument Co.
designs and manufactures a broad line of sanitary process instrumentation for pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement in biopharmaceutical, food, dairy and beverage applications. Visit Website
aquafine Aquafine
For over 5 decades a leader in the development of Ultraviolet Equipment for disinfection, ozone destruction, TOC reduction and chlorine removal, Aquafine is recognized today as the world standard in this technology. Visit Website
!cid_7157F166-5D0D-44AB-9C5A-0C9E792EEDEA Circor Energy
Leaders in the development and manufacturing of industrial steam specialty and fluid control products like control valves, actuators, positioners, process controllers, pressure reducing valves, regulators, safety relief valves and steam traps. Visit WebsiteOther sites:www.lesliecontrols.comwww.spenceengineering.com
dci DCI Inc. 
is a world leader in the manufacturing and servicing of stainless steel storage and processing tanks and vessels. Proudly serving the pharmaceutical, bioscience, chemical and food, dairy, beverage and brewing, cosmetic industries, DCI has remained true to its commitment to quality since 1955. Visit Website
Flexicon-Logo Flexicon 
High precision peristaltic dispensing pumps and tubing. Aseptic peristaltic liquid filling, plugging and capping systems for the pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic sectors. A member of the Watson Marlow Pump Group. Visit Website
flux-logolrgrenner-logolrg Flux Pumps | Renner Pumps 
Drum and container pumps, high viscosity, sanitary pumps, plastic vertical inmersion pumps, air operated diaphragm pumps, magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps of PP, PVDF, Ryton or SS. Visit Website
fristam Fristam Pumps, Inc. 
is an international manufacturer of sanitary centrifugal and positive displacement pumps respected for performance, reliability and technical superiority. Visit Website
logo GE / Osmonics
Our membrane treatment systems filter water, handle fluids, concentrate solutions, recover byproducts, and treat wastewater for recycling or discharge. GE offers membrane elements, spiral membrane equipment, filters, hollow-fiber membranes and electrodeionization equipment in numerous configurations. Visit Website
gemue_l GEMÜ Valves, Inc. 
is committed to the pursuit of quality and excellence in the development, production and manufacturing of engineered diaphragm valves through consistently providing a level of service exceeding the expectations of our customers, employees, distributors and representatives until it becomes a standard. Visit Website
Hydranautics_logo Hydranautics
is a world leader in the membrane separations industry. It’s ongoing committed to water treatment is exemplified by continuosly pushing the envelope on membrane performance. With manufacuring locations in the United States, Japan, China and Italy as well 24 hour tech support. Visit Website
nicholson Nicholson Steam Trap 
The Nicholson Steam Trap product line is focused on the industrial marketplace and features traps ranging from highly polished stainless steel sanitary traps and filters to innovative free float F&T traps. Visit Website
minntech_logo Minntech Filtration Technologies Group 
Minncare and MinnClean, the leading peracetic acid based system sterilants and RO system cleaners in the industry, are made by the Minntech Filtration Technology Group to advance system cleanliness to the highest levels possible.
Minntech’s sterilants work together with FiberFlo filters to enable state-of-the-art cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of water systems with zero residual. Visit Website
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ozonia Ozonia
is the proven leader in ozone generation technology with highest concentration of ozone systems installed and operating worldwide. Visit Website
parker-logo Mitos Technologies, Inc.
Focused on providing high-purity process solutions, Mitos manufactures and distributes fluid-handling components designed specifically for the biotech industry. Platinum cured silicone, Teflon, Sta-Pure®, Chemsure™ and Teflon® hoses and molded components. Visit Website
Pentair logo_rgb Pentair – Aquamatic
Water treatment “Y” pattern diaphragm valves, glass filled thermoplastic, cast iron,cast brass or stainless steel construction. Can be actuated with either air or water as control fluid. Sizes from 1/2 inch to 6 inches. Visit Website
qdos-logo Qdos 30 Metering Pumps 
Qdos 30 delivers flow rates that remain constant right up to 7 bar (100 psi) giving users a unique advantage over diaphragm metering pumps. Designed as a drop in replacement to diaphragm metering pumps, the Qdos 30 pump offers long maintenance intervals, reducing the impact of process downtime and lowering the overall cost of ownership. Visit Website
rosedale_logo Rosedale Products, Inc.
is a leading technology developer in the field of bag filtration systems and waste minimization products for customers around the globe. Its engineering achievements over the last 25 years have produced an exceptional product line that includes high performance filtration solutions for multiple industries. Visit Website
rubberfab Rubber Fab 
Rubber Fab provides the highest quality products, which consistently meet the product specification developed by Rubber Fab and their customers, both external and internal. Visit Website
standard-xchange-logo Standard Xchange
Heat exchangers designed to meet virtually every heat transfer application requirement. From pre-engineered shell and tube to plate and frame exchangers as well as custom made units. Visit Website
titan-manufacturing-logo Titan Pumps 
Titan is a leading manufacturer of industrial pumps providing ANSI centrifugal pumps as well as self-priming trash pumps, slurry pumps and double diaphragm air pumps. Visit Website
Tonkaflo Tonkaflo Pumps 
With nearly 200 models, there is a Tonkaflo pump right for you. Your fluid may require special chemical compatibility. Your applications may dictate value as a top priority. Or perhaps your work setting demands quieter operation. No matter what youre looking for, youre likely to find it in our growing line of pumps. Visit Website
topline Top Line 
Keep your processing applications flowing smoothly with the full line of sanitary flow components from Top Line. Our products include fittings, tubing, valves, pumps, gauges and custom specialities all manufactured with the precision and quality you’ve come to expect from an Allegheny Bradford Company. Visit Website
trojanuv Trojan UV
has led the development of water treatment solutions using environmentally friendly ultraviolet (UV) light. Today, Trojan has the largest installed base of UV systems in operation on the planet, and many of our innovations define the industry standards for safeguarding our water from the damaging effects of microbial and chemical contamination. Visit Website
WM-Logo Watson Marlow Pumps 
has, through selective acquisition, innovative product development, and geographical expansion, grown rapidly to lead the world market for peristaltic pumps. This is an expanding segment of the positive displacement pump market, and the peristaltic principle enables sensitive, abrasive or corrosive fluids to be pumped safely, accurately and without contamination anywhere from biotechnology to ceramics and food processing to waste treatment. Visit Website